Fractional Laser Treatment – The Anti-Aging Trend In America

Our modern American culture places a strong emphasis on the power of personal appearance to elicit positive reactions from other people and improve romance, business, and friendship. 

A youthful appearance is associated with enjoying a better social life, and youthfulness is also associated with beauty.  For this reason, plastic surgery, diet and fitness, and cosmetic companies have the huge demand for their products or services. 

In fact, the demand to preserve or restore a youthful appearance has reached an unprecedented pace and plays a major role in the shaping of American culture.  While many people are aware of the prominence of the beauty industry, the anti-aging trend is not too far behind.

The Anti-aging Trend

There are basically three reasons for the current anti-aging trend:

The first reason is that young people raised in a capitalistic system believe that their value is measured by their youth and energy.  Consequently, they wish to preserve a youthful appearance for as long as possible.  They believe that a youthful look will continue to improve their careers.

The second reason is that the media has become increasingly image-focused. It has created idealizations about beauty, resulting in a consensus about what it means to be attractive and youthful. 

The third reason is that American baby boomers, part of the consumer trend that arose after the Second World War, are receptive to pursue the anti-aging trend.  Besides a desire to look attractive, many baby boomers are still in the job market or are still looking for romantic relationships.  They understand that a youthful appearance will improve their chances of success in business and in finding the right mate.

Media Idealizations

Television and films show handsome men and beautiful women, who are youthful, charismatic, and trendsetting.  Similarly, lifestyle magazines portray idealized men and women.

What’s more, since actors and actresses and male and female models are well paid, they often have access to anti-aging treatments to help prolong their careers.  

Additionally, should actors or models be middle-aged, art directors use digital tricks to  make them look much younger than they actually are.

Highly Effective yet Inexpensive Treatments

While plastic surgery is one way of keeping a youthful appearance or restoring a youthful look, it is often expensive. 

Alternatively, while cosmetics can do a lot to improve the youthful appearance, they often merely cover up blemishes and skin flaws rather than eliminate them altogether. 

Fortunately, there is a highly effective yet inexpensive beauty treatment called fractionated laser resurfacing.  It is not only popular in North America, but also in Europe and Asia.  This treatment uses micro beams to reduce wrinkles and eliminate scars and blemishes.

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