Five Simple Steps To Stunning Summer Legs

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The streets are splashed with sunshine, and it looks as if the cold, dreary winter months are behind you.  It’s a wonderful day to go shopping.  Women everywhere are wearing shorts and skirts – but you hesitate, thinking “if I had lean, sizzling how Summer legs, I’d definitely get out of these jeans.”

Actually, it’s not that difficult to achieve beautiful, shapely legs.  Here are five tips on exactly how to do it.

1. Exercise your heart and legs

First, here are three exercises you can easily add to your everyday leg-sculpting routine: 

  • Use stairs by skipping two steps at a time, and do this five times going up and five times going down.   On average, you’ll burn about 200 calories. Besides firming your legs, you’ll also tighten up your abdominals and butt.
  • Dance back into shape.  Besides an excellent cardiovascular exercise, dancing will shape and build your legs. 
  • Workout in a gym.  There is a lot you can do in a gym –squats on a Smith machine, lunges with dumbbells, or jumping rope.  If that seems too much in the beginning, then start by walking on a treadmill.  Later, when you get fitter, begin to use the incline feature so it’s more like walking up a gentle slope.

2.  Get smooth legs

You may be reluctant to wear shorts because you feel you need to use some hair removal cream first.  However, depilatories have chemicals that may irritate your skin and you may not feel like waxing, either.  Both processes can be uncomfortable, even painful, and will need to be repeated after a certain period of time.  While there’s electrolysis to permanently remove hair, it does take time and it can be expensive.  Fortunately, there is a permanent hair removal treatment that target hair follicles.  It may require up to four treatments and take from 1-4 weeks to permanently reduce hair.


3.  Melt away the fat

Cellulite is evident as dimply skin and some women have even compared their legs to cottage cheese.   One way to reduce cellulite is to drink plenty of water and quit drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes.  This healthy regime will clear toxins out of your blood stream.   For quicker results, many women try laser lipo body sculpting, a surgical method for fat removal.  However, it may be worth your while to consider getting an Exilis treatment — because it has no downtime and is non-invasive.  Exilis is a device which uses radio-waves to tighten skin and remove the appearance of cellulite. 

4.  Remove those blemishes

 If you have spider veins, you can use laser treatment to shrink the veins, and if you have bruises and scars, you can use CO2 resurfacing treatments.  Another option when it comes to scars is to use Tretinion, a drug that combines Retin-A and Renova.

5.  Get a tan

Bronzed legs create slimmer, sexier legs.  However, too much sun exposure isn’t safe and you can get the same effect with sunless tanning without spending hours in the sun and risking sunburn.


Try one or more of these suggestions.  You’ll be surprised how stunning your legs will look in a very short time.

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