Skin Care for Silky Soft, Shimmering Skin





The fact is that skin begins to age as early as 25 years of age.  Still, at this tender age, signs of aging are almost imperceptible, and it’s easy enough to use a few products to take care of your skin.  However, as you age, you may find that your favorite products don’t work anymore and that your skin may be adversely affected by genes, a poor diet, dehydration, stress, and too much sun.

Here, then, are simple steps for beautiful, healthy skin:

Start with a Gentle Cleanser

Your skin cleanser should be tailored to suit your skin type.  If your skin is dry, use a creamy cleanser.  If your skin is oily, use oil-free foam.  If your skin is sensitive, ask a specialist for a cleanser that will not irritate your skin.  Besides a skin cleanser, be careful how you wash your face.  Hot water can strip away natural moisture as can vigorous scrubbing.  So make sure the water is not too hot and pat your skin dry.

Exfoliate your Skin for a Healthy Glow 

There are several ways to scrub away dead skin—rubbing gently with a soft washcloth, using a spinning brush, or scrubbing with synthetic beads.  Dry skin should be exfoliated once a week while oily skin can be exfoliated as much as twice a week.  Another alternative is to use skin care products for exfoliation.  You can use acne creams and anti-aging lotions with  salicylic acid or retinoids.  You can also get a CO2 laser peel, a chemical peel, or try microdermabrasion.

Fortify your Skin with Nutrients

Your skin, like any other cellular structure in your body, needs nutrients.  In particular, you skin needs vitamin C and E, which are available in the form of creams.  Additionally, vitamins A and B3, available in the form of creams help heal the skin from sun damage.  Besides supplemental creams and pills, essential skin nutrition comes from a healthy diet.

Seal your Skin with Moisturizer

Moisturizer protects and improves your skin.  Even if you have oily skin or breakouts, you can use a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer every day.  If you have dry skin, you may need to put on moisturizer more than just once a day.  Pat it on while your skin is still damp to seal in.

Maintaining Clear Skin

You’re grown up, so why haven’t your pimples and blackheads gone away? Hormones, and stress may be to blame, among other reasons. Your dermatologist or an aesthetician can help you figure out what your skin needs. Some products have ingredients that fight acne and the and the signs of aging, too.

Natural Ingredients Sometimes Irritate Skin

Science has not established that organic cosmetics or those with all-natural ingredients are better for you, and in some instances, in the case of sensitive skin, they may irritate the skin.

Moisturize to Protect Your Face

A moisturizer serves to both protect and improve skin and you should pat some on your skin every day.  Those with oily skin will benefit from an oil-free moisturizer once a day while those with dry skin should use it more often each day.


These tips will work wonders for your skin in maintaining and achieving beautiful, glowing, healthy skin.  In order to keep the glow going, you should avoid smoking and sunbathing.  Additionally, you should also eat a healthy diet, exercise daily, and find ways to de-stress.


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