Medi-Facials for Men

“Discover The Benefits Of Denver Facial Treatments For Men!”

Denver Facial Treatments For Men

Denver Facial Treatments For Men: Shed the Razor Burn
Clean up by calming, exfoliating, and desensitizing irritation leaving your skin smooth and renewed.

Denver Facial Treatments For Men: City Slicker – Dull and Fatigued, 60 minutes
For the city gentleman who has exposure to environmental toxins. Provides powerful antioxidants that detox, exfoliate, providing health and nourishment while polishing the skin.

Denver Facial Treatments For Men: Soothe and Calm – Rosacea/Sensitive Skin, 60 minutes
Dive into a sensation of organic apples that nourishes and soothes. Rich in vitamins and calming Chamomile, your skin will feel soft, calmed and transformed.

Denver Facial Treatments For Men: Clarifying Enzyme – Acneic Skin, 60 minutes
Detoxify and purify the skin with Benzonite clay which soothes while Licorice Root cleans and calms to leave skin feeling balanced and refreshed.

Denver Facial Treatments For Men: Age Arresting – Aging/Mature Skin, 60 minutes
Feed your skin and boost antioxidant levels with this organic berry rich mask that will invigorate the senses while stimulating the skin.

Denver Facial Treatments For Men: The Great Outdoorsman – Sun Exposure and Hyperpigmentation
Helping to restore a clear natural pigmentation, reducing roughness and minimizing pores, while decreasing stress caused from pollutants and sweating, leaves the skin glowing smooth and invigorated.

Denver Facial Treatments For Men: 02 Lift- All Skin types, for your Big Event & Grooms Facial
Brightens, speeds up healing, boosts circulation, reduces stress, and helps eliminate toxins. Everyone can reap the benefits, even pregnant ladies. Infuses peptides and high concentrations of enzymatic botanicals into the skin. It leaves you with luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated skin perfect facial the day before your big event.

Denver Facial Treatments For Men: Back Facial
Cleansing those tough-to-reach spots, targeting clogged pores, back acne and dehydrated skin. Back facials are particularly fitting treatments during bathing suit season or for people and warm weather months.

Denver Facial Treatments For Men: Medi Facial with Chemical Peel (Facial Infusion)
When your skin desires a boost of rejuvenation, moisture or firming, this treatment is for you. A scrumptious facial with the addition of powerful non-chemical peel customized with actives that restore your skins radiance and health.

  • Aging and Mature, 80 minutes
  • Acneic Skin, 80 minutes
  • Rosacea/Sensitive Skin/Razor Burn – 80 minutes
  • Hyperpigmentation – 80 minutes
  • Aging/Mature and Dry Skin, 80 minutes

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