Waxing for Men

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Denver Waxing For Men

Men’s Body Waxing Denver CO: Man’s Brows
Just some refined grooming to ensure your brows don’t become overgrown. No more unibrow, and clean up those lengthy stragglers. Enhance your brow with a complete shaping, under and above plus trimming to maintain an impeccable look. $25

Men’s Body Waxing Denver CO: Nose Waxing
Male waxing is simply part of a clean grooming regimen and sometimes necessary. Waxing provides long lasting results, with less pain then tweezing one hair. $15

Men’s Body Waxing Denver CO: Ear Waxing
By using the quick hair removal method of ear waxing gives better results than when a mangroomer or beard and mustache trimmers are used. For obvious reasons shaving inside the ear is out of the question. $15

Men’s Body Waxing Denver CO: Chest Wax
Many men are nowadays sensitive about having too much hair on the chest. If you are one of the people who really worry about that, you should consider chest waxing. $40



Men’s Body Waxing Denver CO: Full Back Wax
Experiencing problems with back hair? Excessive hair growth can be extremely uncomfortable, in some cases actually being considered an actual issue. Many men think that back hair is not sexy and actually repulsive, so this body hair needs to be removed. $40

Men’s Body Waxing Denver CO: Half Back Wax
In need of just a small portion of your back? No problem, then let us take care of that for you. $20

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